Connecting 10,00,000 students by 2022 on a coveted “I Deserve” Mission

Creating a learning platform that leads to a positive attitude of building a dream tomorrow

Enabling Students, Corporate/Companies and Trainers on “Skill Connect” Mission

Taking a resolution to “Pay Back to Society”

How a Unique Proposition?

Our focus is to fundamentally bring a paradigm shift in thought process of students to ensure long term growth

Accept the challenge to pave the way for the next generation

will provide students a platform to directly/indirectly interact with the Industry of their choice with an objective to understand the expectation of the industry.

A common platform for Students, Trainers and Corporates/Companies

Easy access to current, relevant information, training and subsequent placements

Technology based approach to make the project available to masses

An answer to unemployment and relevance of Human Resources’ within the Industry

a value proposition to the life of students

Offer tangible solutions to aspirants and shape their future by making them, EDUCATED (in terms of showing them a way ahead),

How will facilitate the way Industry recruits students